Kaghan Valley – Lalaazar

There is a reason they call it Lalaazar. One of the most picturesque place in Kaghan Valley, It can be accessed via road from Naran. The ride is only 21 k.m. but becomes twisting and turning towards the end. The off-road portion can accommodate one jeep while traffic from other direction hangs in balance. However a resilient tourist is rewarded at the end when he gets to witness one of the most beautiful places in the country.

There is not much infrastructure at the top and few cabins here and there provide basic snacks. It is a favorite camping site for many but take a note that weather can change any moment blocking the only jeep track linking Lalaazar with Naran. For hikers, there is a trail linking Lalazaar and Saiful malook. Apparently it takes five hours to get there.


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