Chakwal – Katas Raj

The most photogenic place in Pakistan. A teardrop on the cheek of time. Lord Shiva’s Teardrop. In the memory of her beloved Satti. The legend says that Lord Shiva wept so much at the death of her wife ‘Satti’ that it formed two pools of water. One in Ajmair and the other in Kattas, 30 km away from present day Chakwal. The event is documented in Mahābhārata and Katas gets its name from Sanskrit word “Katak Shell” which means a chain of tears.

Naturally the place became a pilgrimage site and a group of temples popularly called Satgarah, dating to different eras were raised here. Some of them have been resurrected at the locations where temples existed since the days of Mahābhārata. Also Pandava brothers are believed to spend few years of their exile at the site. The site is visited by Hindu pilgrims from India and Pakistan every year in April and for the very reason, the restoration of temples has been functional and not much care has been taken in conserving the actual shape and design. Katas Raj at its peak was a vibrant city with a University where famous mathematician Alberuni measured the circumference of Earth while studying in the University. Apart from temples and University remains of a Buddhist stupa, havelis, Jail and few other functional buildings  are located around the pond.

Few of the temples were plundered in an aftermath of Hindu zealots attack on Barbi mosque as if it will help Babri Mosque’s cause. Protect the temples here and it will protect the mosques on the other side.

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5 thoughts on “Chakwal – Katas Raj

  1. another beauty of that place is that it houses seven ancient temples; a Buddhist stupa, some medieval hindu temples, and sikh havelis. across the road you can find a mosque as well. it reflects sort of plotical history of the area.

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