Bahawalpur – The Central Library

Exquisite. A building put up for purpose. The central library is not an ordinary library but a museum, a tribute, a thing of beauty, a joy forever. Its foundation stone was laid in 1924 by then Viceroy & Governor General of India on the coronation of Amir of Bahawalpur Nawab Sir Sadiq Muhammad Khan Abbasi the 5th. Problems with funding delayed its completion.

The library has its sub parts like Children Library, Braille Library, Computer Training center and Audio visual and microfiche section. Separate wings have been added increasing the capacity of original space but they don’t come near to the grandeur of the original building which according to the staff is matchless in the country. The Sun was setting in the west and electricity was no where to be found when I reached the library. The white color stood out in the darkness, without the help of accessories. There was not much lighting outside anyways. After few minutes wait, librarian announced that electricity is back and we could go inside. The neat and clean floors shown in pale florescent light. Its like you would expect a library to be, apart from the feeling that you are touching on most royal and rich part of pre-partition history.

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