Khairpur Mirs – The Faiz Mahal

It looks flawless from distance but a closer look reveals destitute look of its verandas, lawns and balconies. Commissioned by Talpur dynasty, it is reminiscent of the glory days of Khairpur state. Talpur family was allowed to keep Faiz Mahal along the large tracts of land as part of their deal to let go the sovereign state of Khairpur Mirs.

That’s why they have the right to keep the people of the country away from it. Despite its qualification as a heritage site it remains personal property and used as a residence by his highness. Someone argued that it’s his highness’ right to do so, as if it was constructed by his highness’ ancestors and not by the masons of the state, as if money to construct it was not extracted through inherited right and might.

The arches are in desolated state. Furniture has not been repaired well. You can see bricks popping out. No one is taking care of the vast lawn in front. You have to beg someone high in talpur family to get in and cherish the marvel of indigenous masonry and architecture.

The Karachi Walla felt sorry for the Faiz Mahal.

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